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Bahasa Sweden (Swedish language)




Swedish is the official language of Sweden. It is closely related to Norwegian and Danish, and the three languages are mutually intelligible. Swedish is spoken by about 10 million people, and it is the 25th most spoken language in the world.

History of Swedish

The history of Swedish dates back to the 8th century, when the Vikings arrived in Sweden. The Vikings spoke Old Swedish, which was a Germanic language. Old Swedish evolved into Middle Swedish in the 13th century, and Middle Swedish evolved into Modern Swedish in the 16th century. Modern Swedish was adopted as the official language of Sweden in the 18th century.

Structure of Swedish

Swedish is a Germanic language, and it has a similar grammatical structure to other Germanic languages. Swedish has a subject-verb-object word order, and it has a rich system of inflections. Swedish nouns are inflected for number (singular and plural), case (nominative, accusative, genitive, dative, and vocative), and gender (masculine, feminine, and neuter). Swedish verbs are inflected for person, number, tense, mood, and voice.

Vocabulary of Swedish

The vocabulary of Swedish is derived from a variety of sources, including Germanic languages, Latin, Greek, and French. Swedish has a large number of loanwords from English, as a result of the close economic and cultural ties between the two countries.

Pronunciation of Swedish

Swedish is a relatively easy language to pronounce for English speakers. Swedish has a simple five-vowel system, and it has a relatively regular consonant system. Swedish has a number of sounds that do not occur in English, such as the “å”, “ö”, and “ä” sounds.

Cultural significance of Swedish

Swedish is an important part of Swedish culture. Swedish is used in literature, music, art, and film. Swedish is also used in business and government.

Tips for learning Swedish

There are a number of things you can do to learn Swedish. You can take a Swedish language course, you can use a Swedish language learning software program, or you can find a Swedish-speaking friend or tutor. You can also learn Swedish by watching Swedish movies and TV shows, listening to Swedish music, and reading Swedish books and newspapers.

Benefits of learning Swedish

There are a number of benefits to learning Swedish. Learning Swedish can help you to:

  • Understand Swedish culture
  • Communicate with Swedish speakers
  • Find a job in Sweden
  • Study in Sweden
  • Travel to Sweden

Learning Swedish is a great way to learn a new language and to experience a new culture.

Bahasa Sweden (svenska (bantuan·maklumat)) ialah satu bahasa Jermanik Utara (bahasa Skandinavia) yang tertumpu di negara Sweden dan beberapa bahagian di Finland, terutamanya di sepanjang pesisiran pantai dan kepulauan Åland, dengan jumlah penuturnya meleibhi 9 juta orang. Bahasa ini salng difahami dengan dua bahasa Skandinavia yang lain, iaitu bahasa Denmark dan Norway. Bersama bahasa-bahasa Jermanik Utara yang lain, bahasa Sweden merupakan keturunan Bahasa Norse Kuno, iaitu bahasa Skandinavia am dalam zaman Viking.

Bahasa Sweden Baku dijadikan bahasa kebangsaan yang berevolusi daripada dialek Sweden Tengah pada abad ke-19 dan dirasmikan menjelang awal abad ke-20. Sungguhpun variasi setempat yang ketara yang diturunkan daripada dialek lama masih wujud, bahasa bertulis dan lisannya seragam dan dipiawaikan, dengan kadar celik huruf 99% di kalangan orang dewasa. Sesetengah dialek banyak berbeza daripada bahasa piawai dari segi tatabahasa dan kosa kata dan tidak semestinya saling difahami dengan Bahasa Sweden Baku. dialek-dialek ini terhad dalam kawasan luar bandar dan ditutur teutamanya oleh sebilangan kecil orang yang kurang mobiliti sosial. Meskipun tidak diancam kepupusan, dialek-dialek sedemikian makin berkurangan penggunaannya sepanjang seabad yang lalu, meskipun kenyataan bahawa dialek-dialek ini dikaji dengan teliti dan penggunaannya sering digalakkan pihak berkuasa tempatan.

Susunan ayat bahasa Sweden lazimnya berbentuk Subjek-Kata Kerja-Objek, itupun boleh diubah untuk menekankan perkataan atau ungkapan tertentu. Morfologi bahasa Sweden serupa kepada bahasa Inggeris, iaitu perkataannya agak kurang fleksinya; terdapat dua jantina, tiada kasus tatabahasa (namun analisa lama menganjurkan dua kasus, iaitu nominatif dan genitif), dan adanya perbezaan antara bentuk jamak dan mufradKata adjektif dibandingkan seperti dalam bahasa Inggeris, dan juga difleksi mengikut jantina, bilangan dan kepastian. Kepastian kata nama lazimnya ditandai dengan akhiran, dilengkapi dengan artikel pasti dan tidak pasti. Prosodinya bercirikan tekanan dan dalam kebanyakan dialek nada. Bahasa ini agak besar inventori vokalnya.

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